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Parsifal proceedings now online

We are pleased to announce that the digital edition of the Parsifal proceedings is now available online. You can access it at: This publication features papers presented at Parsifal: a model of library collaboration for sharing recorded knowledge, held at the Pontificia Università Urbaniana, Vatican City, on May 11th, 2023. The print edition is expected to be released later in May.

For those interested in bibliographic references and collaborative resources, this material is also accessible on the Share Family wiki, at:

Highlighted articles:
Parsifal: an innovative and powerful bibliographic research tool by Mauro Guerrini (in English)

Parsifal: Harmonizing tradition with modernity. The shared Authority File of URBE as a new ground for collaboration by Tiziana Possemato, Annalisa Di Sabato, Alessandra Moi (in Italian)

SHARE Catalogue’s new LOD Platform: an evolution marked by the collaborative practices of the Share Family by Claudio Forziati, Annalisa Di Sabato, Rossella Molisso, Chiara Mugnano (in Italian)

History of the collaboration between Wikidata and URBE Network Libraries in Authority Control by Camillo Carlo Pellizzari di San Girolamo (in Italian)

Parsifal’s web portal: structure and communication of bibliographic data and the Authority file by Stefano Bargioni, Giuseppina Manuli, Marcello Sardelli, Tiziana Selvaggio

This compilation of scholarly work highlights the global nature of our collaborative practices and the diverse perspectives contributing to the advancement of knowledge. Don't miss out on these insightful contributions to the academic community!

Share Family in the CNI Project Briefing Series

We are excited to share our recent participation in the Coalition for Networked Information's Project Briefing Series, where we presented insights from the Share Family initiative's ongoing efforts to advance linked open data and optimize library workflows and services.

Titled "The Share Family: Cooperation and Interconnection for a Sustainable Linked Open Data Ecosystem," our presentation provided an overview of the Share Family linked data ecosystem and its impact on library operations. From cooperative cataloging to advanced metadata management tools and discovery portals, we explored how these innovations are shaping the future of knowledge accessibility.

Make sure to access the recording and presentation slides here and on our wiki, where you can explore additional material about our initiative!

IFLA webinar series on National Bibliographies

We are happy to share the announcement that the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Bibliography Section is holding a free webinar on Tuesday 30 April 2024 on the practicalities of building a national bibliography, exploring successful models from around the world.

The webinar entitled “Building a National Bibliograhy: Models From around the World” is the first in IFLA virtual event series Topics in National BibliographiesTrack 1: Inside National Bibliographic Agencies. It aims at delving into the frameworks and foundations of establishing and operating a national bibliography, drawing inspiration from established and successful models around the world and permitting to navigate diverse landscapes and settings.

Info, programme and registration at this page.

Share Family Releases Executive Summary for Consortia

Share Family unveils our Executive Summary for Consortia transition to linked open data, approved by our Advisory Council. The document emphasizes Share Family's pivotal role in aiding consortia in adopting linked data methodologies for enhanced collaboration. Share Family aims to empower consortia with the tools and knowledge necessary to seamlessly integrate linked open data principles, fostering innovation and interoperability within consortia networks. You can find the Executive Summary for Consortia here.

Introducing Public Documentation, a hub to Share Family resources

We're excited to unveil the new Documentation area of our wiki tailored to meet all your documentation needs within the Share Family initiative. This wiki section offers a wealth of resources meticulously curated to enhance your knowledge of our projects.

From detailed user guides about our discovery portals and editing tools, to exhaustive release notes providing insights into every incremental update, this documentation ensures you're always informed and up-to-date about new developments.

Developers and enthusiasts alike will also be able to access a wealth of API documentation and delve deeper into the technological underpinnings of Share Family with comprehensive information on its core components. This section is a work in progress and will be enriched with more detailed documentation about key components. 

Begin your exploration of Share Family's documentation by clicking on this link:

Share Family Bulletin: A year in review and future visions

The Share Family initiative proudly introduces the new Share Family Bulletin - a testament to a year of remarkable achievements and challenges. This comprehensive report encapsulates the essence of our collective efforts, offering insights into the past year's successes and unveiling our goals for the future. From highlighting key accomplishments to outlining our shared vision within the Share Family community, the bulletin serves as a compass for our journey ahead. You can find the Bulletin on our wiki.

Explore the rich history of the initiative by delving into past issues of the Bulletin, accessible on our wiki. This repository of knowledge provides an in-depth look at our evolution and underscores our commitment to transparency and shared growth. Join us as we celebrate our successes, learn from challenges, and set our sights on an exciting future together.

Wrapping up 2023: highlights from our final conferences - Charleston and AIB

As the year draws to a close, explore the insights from our final sessions of 2023 – the Charleston Conference and AIB Conference. At Charleston, Jim Hahn, Tiziana Possemato, Sebastian Hammer, and Nina Servizzi engaged in discussions highlighting our project's collaborative essence and integration plans with local workflows. At AIB 2023 Conference, Tiziana Possemato and Andrea Gazzarini delved into the pivotal role of AI in bibliographic data treatment, focusing on Share's linked data environment. Access materials and video recordings of these presentations on our wiki!

LILLIT portal launches: explore Italian illustrated books 1501-1800

We're excited to unveil the LILLIT portal for Italian illustrated books 1501-1800, a collaborative effort by ICCU, @Cult, and the Central Institute for Graphics. Developed through a Sapienza University of Rome project, LILLIT offers an intuitive interface, advanced search options, and access to digital copies. Utilizing Linked Open Data, the portal displays enhanced information on 16th-18th century editions, highlighting engraving techniques and creators. Operating on the BIBFRAME bibliographic model, LILLIT seamlessly aligns with the technological and conceptual innovation of the other Share Family projects, bringing new possibilities to the bibliographic landscape. Explore the LILLIT portal at 

Exciting presentations before the end of the year

We are thrilled to announce that our team members, Tiziana Possemato and Andrea Gazzarini, will be presenting a hybrid session titled "Quel che fa e quel che farà l'Intelligenza artificiale nei processi di pubblicazione dei dati bibliografici dell'iniziativa Share" at the 62nd conference of the Italian Library Association (AIB) on November 17. For more details on how to join the conference, please visit AIB's event page.

Additionally, for those who missed our presence at Charleston, we have great news! Jim Hahn, Tiziana Possemato, Sebastian Hammer, and Nina Servizzi's session "Share-VDE and beyond – Cooperation and innovation to bring Linked Open Data into practice" will be aired online on November 30 at 11:15 AM EST, followed by a live Q&A session. To participate and register, please visit Charleston Conference's registration page.

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the world of Linked Open Data and discover more about our initiative!

Explore Session Materials from BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2023

We are pleased to announce that the slides and recordings from a recent session, led by Tiziana Possemato, Anna Lionetti, and Jim Hahn, at the BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2023, focusing on the Share Family Initiative, are now available online.

Explore these materials to gain insights into key topics related to the Share Family initiative's mission, such as the Share-VDE ontology and the JCricket entity editor.

Additionally, we encourage you to check out related sessions from the conference:

  • Serafia Kari: usability study of the Share-VDE platform
  • Sebastian Hammer: integration of FOLIO and Share-VDE
  • Ian Bigelow and Abigail Sparling: Share-VDE within UAlberta’s Linked Data Implementation Plan

You can access the session materials on our wiki and on the BFWE website.