Share Family - Linked Data Ecosystem for Libraries


Learn more about the Share Family at SWIB in Berlin and Linked Open Data Taiwan

We are thrilled to announce that we've recently participated in two  events where we had the privilege to present our initiatives to the library community and engage with a global audience.

SWIB in Berlin: Oddrun Ohren (National Library of Norway) and Jim Hahn (University of Pennsylvania, University of Illinois) took the stage to present the SVDE ontology. The materials related to this presentation, including slides and recordings, can be found on our wiki. Explore the SWIB event materials here.

Linked Open Data Taiwan: Anna Lionetti represented the Share Family at the Linked Open Data Taiwan conference, where she showcased the Share Family Initiative. You can access the presentation slides for this event on our wiki as well. Access the Taiwan conference materials here.

Join us at SWIB and BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2023 for Share-VDE's Latest Advancements

We are thrilled to announce our participation in two events in September, the 15th Semantic Web in Libraries Conference and the BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2023. On September 12, Jim Hahn and Oddrun Pauline Ohren will present the Share-VDE ontology at SWIB 2023, highlighting its design process, goals, and principles. On September 19, Tiziana Possemato, Anna Lionetti and Jim Hahn will unveil Share-VDE's newest advancements towards production at the 2023 BIBFRAME Workshop. The 2023 BIBFRAME Workshop is a hybrid event, and registration is open and free.

2023 Share-VDE workshop at ALA

We are excited to announce the upcoming Share-VDE Workshop, on June 26th, 8:30am-10:30am Central US time at ALA Conference 2023 in Chicago. The workshop will be conducted in a hybrid format, allowing both in-person and online participation. Building on the achievements and system infrastructure upgrades presented at the Library of Congress in 2022, this year's workshop will highlight the cooperative advancements within the Share-VDE initiative. The program includes an overview of Share-VDE and Share Family background; a focus on the progress of the working groups that inform the benefits that the common Share Family LOD Platform technology supports, to the advantage of the Share Family community and for the interoperability opportunities with third parties including ILS/LSP organizations and linked data networks; the demo of JCricket, the tool for entity management and a dedicated editor for linked data editing enabling entity sharing; use cases, future perspectives and models for participation. For more information, please visit the ALA 2023 online programme or contact

Parsifal release

On May 11, 2023 the Roman Union of Ecclesiastical Libraries (URBE) and @CULT announce the release of PARSIFAL, a cutting-edge linked data management system and entity discovery platform. PARSIFAL aims to enhance the exchange and interoperability of bibliographic data and authority items, significantly increasing accessibility to the abundant resources of the 17 participating URBE libraries. With a vast collection of 2.8 million records regularly updated, PARSIFAL offers users a streamlined research experience, enriched by diverse catalogues. The success of this venture lies not only in its technological innovation and strength, but, above all, in the cooperation and participation between @CULT and URBE network librarians and cataloguers, fostering flexible and sustainable data management practices within the evolving bibliographic ecosystem.

Work exchange with Serafia Kari, from the National Library of Finland

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Serafia Kari, Service Designer within the Finna service offered by the National Library of Finland, who will be joining us on April 11th for an exciting collaboration.
Serafia's primary focus during her month-long stay will be on the Share-VDE project, working alongside the Share-VDE team.
With her expertise and passion for libraries and user experience, Serafia will run a study on the usability of the Share-VDE portal web interface, aiming to improve the way users access and share information.

Share-VDE Open Metadata Policy release

The Share-VDE Open Metadata Policy has been approved by the Share-VDE Advisory Council on March 15th 2023. It outlines SVDE commitment in encouraging open access to data, and supporting the discovery of library and cultural heritage resources. You can find it here.

Two new members of Share-VDE and the Share Family

We are delighted to share that two institutions, Vanderbilt University and Berkeley Law, have officially joined the Share Family linked data ecosystem in the Share-VDE tenant. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our collective efforts to foster collaboration and interoperability within the community.
We are eagerly anticipating the valuable contributions that the librarians from Vanderbilt University and Berkeley Law will bring to the Share Family community. This inclusive partnership not only strengthens our network but also opens up new possibilities for growth and innovation. Together, we are excited to explore the boundless potential within the Share Family linked data ecosystem.