Share Family - Linked Data Ecosystem for Libraries

Calendar 2024

  • 30

    2024 DGBSDI-UNAM Forum

    Tiziana Possemato and Anna Lionetti present "The Share Family initiative: Cooperation and interconnection for a sustainable Linked Open Data ecosystem" at the 2024 DGBSDI-UNAM Forum: Connecting Knowledge: Linked Data in University Libraries

  • 1

    Share Family Workshop

    San Diego, ALA Annual Conference 2024
    This year, the Share Family Workshop will be held on Monday, July 1st at 8.30am – 10am Pacific US Daylight Time | 5.30pm – 7pm Central European Summer Time, at ALA Conference 2024 in San Diego (Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel, Grand Ballroom Section 02). The meeting is free and open and will be held in hybrid format, both in person and online. The event is also posted on ALA 2024 online programme.
  • 1

    LC BIBFRAME update forum

    Tiziana Possemato will give a presentation about "Fostering BIBFRAME collaboration: interoperability and data curation with the Share Family"

  • 17 - 18

    BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe

    Helsinki, Finland
    The aim of the BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe is to be a forum for sharing knowledge about the practice of, production with, and planning of BIBFRAME implementation. The program is to be announced.
  • 24 - 26

    WOLFcon 2024

    London, UK
    Sebastian Hammer, Andrea Gazzarini and representatives from Lehigh University will present "MARC My Words: Navigating the BIBFRAME Frontier" at the 2024 WOLFcon. Details will follow.