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Parsifal proceedings now online

We are pleased to announce that the digital edition of the Parsifal proceedings is now available online. You can access it at: This publication features papers presented at Parsifal: a model of library collaboration for sharing recorded knowledge, held at the Pontificia Università Urbaniana, Vatican City, on May 11th, 2023. The print edition is expected to be released later in May.

For those interested in bibliographic references and collaborative resources, this material is also accessible on the Share Family wiki, at:

Highlighted articles:
Parsifal: an innovative and powerful bibliographic research tool by Mauro Guerrini (in English)

Parsifal: Harmonizing tradition with modernity. The shared Authority File of URBE as a new ground for collaboration by Tiziana Possemato, Annalisa Di Sabato, Alessandra Moi (in Italian)

SHARE Catalogue’s new LOD Platform: an evolution marked by the collaborative practices of the Share Family by Claudio Forziati, Annalisa Di Sabato, Rossella Molisso, Chiara Mugnano (in Italian)

History of the collaboration between Wikidata and URBE Network Libraries in Authority Control by Camillo Carlo Pellizzari di San Girolamo (in Italian)

Parsifal’s web portal: structure and communication of bibliographic data and the Authority file by Stefano Bargioni, Giuseppina Manuli, Marcello Sardelli, Tiziana Selvaggio

This compilation of scholarly work highlights the global nature of our collaborative practices and the diverse perspectives contributing to the advancement of knowledge. Don't miss out on these insightful contributions to the academic community!